Lifestyle Range

Your healthy side kick!

Going for a walk, sitting at the desk, juggling shopping bags or just needing a snack. Whatever your day involves, the BODIE’z Lifestyle range has been developed for you, so you can do you, better!

It tastes great, has less than 1g of sugar, fat and carbs and contains vitamins, electrolytes, BCAA’s and 15g of whey protein isolate. On top of that, we only use natural colours, flavours and sweeteners. What more could you ask for!

Normally, protein drinks are thick, gluggy and hard to stomach. BODIE’z is light, refreshing and packed with functional ingredients to get you through your day.

You deserve the best, so we made sure this product was scientifically formulated to be the best. It wasn’t easy to create, nor should it be. BODIE’z Protein Water is the sidekick for your everyday. It’s deliciously fruity in flavour and Whey protein isolate has had a huge amount of research done to show how it can assist with brain function and energy levels.

So whether you’re a busy mum, you’ve got the 3pm sugar cravings, you’ve missed breakfast or if you’re just going for a walk, pick up a BODIE’z and feel refreshed, revitalised and recharged.

Our Lifestyle Range can be found in ALDI Stores across Victoria.

Available at ALDI across Victoria!

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