Performance Range

For maximal results

Scientifically formulated to keep you performing at your peak.

With a unique 4 drinks in 1 claim, BODIE’z Performance range has;

  1. 30g of the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate (98%) that is readily available and quickly digested
  2. Complete BCAA profile that will rival the best intra workout BCAA supplements
  3. Vitamins to replace those lost during sweat
  4. Electrolytes to assist in rehydration

It is the perfect protein supplement for a range of training and exercise formats including endurance, weights, cardio and HIIT. BODIE’z Protein Water is so refreshing and light on the stomach, it is perfect to be consumed pre, during and post workout, which is revolutionary in protein consumption.

What’s more, we know its hard to find supplements with only the best, clean ingredients, but with BODIE’z Protein Water you don’t have to search anymore. It only contains the highest quality and cleanest ingredients with all natural colours, flavours, sweeteners and has zero preservatives.  Less than 1g sugar, fat and carbs, low GI, gluten free and 99% lactose free.

It is available in 450ml Ready to drink bottles and as a powder in single serve sachets and bulk tubs.

It’s a Total Game Changer!

Bodiez 30g, 20g Performance Range

Sick of milky protein shakes?

This performance product range is recommended for consumption during and post exercise to replace the usual intra workout and post workout drinks.


Lifestyle Range