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The making of BODIE*Z clear protein water.


About Us

BODIE*Z was founded by Bodie Lazar in 2015 as a way of solving a common issue in the nutrition and sports supplement market.

An avid gym goer and sports player, Bodie was consuming many different proteins and supplements. Constantly mixing numerous products together, it was time consuming and expensive. The biggest issue was the heavy, milky nature of the protein supplements that were hard to stomach and digest during and post exercise.

Determined to find a solution, Bodie set out to create a one-stop shop functional sports supplement containing whey protein isolate, vitamins, minerals for rehydration and a complete branched chain amino acid profile (BCAAs). It had to be light on the stomach, have a great mouth feel, utilise the highest quality ingredients and above all else – taste sensational.

After a year of R&D, countless trials, formulation and ingredient changes, Bodie was finally confident that Protein Water could now be launched to the market.

Shortly after, his brother Lachlan joined the business and the boys are now supplying major grocery and chemist chains across Australia.

  • ‘They are not overly sweet, and do not leave you with a heavy feeling unlike other milk-based protein drinks.’

    News Corp Australia


Like most people, Bodie struggled with heavy dairy protein drinks after exercise and playing footy. He just couldn’t stomach it. Bodie thought there’s got to be another way to take protein. 

So that’s what lead him to create this product. It has the equivalent amount of protein found in a typical protein shake, all the vitamins found in a vitamin drink, the electrolytes of a hydration drink and high levels of the un-fractured branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). 

Our team are dedicated to creating revolutionary products with optimised benefits to help you unlock your potential, with tailored formulas to suit your needs.